"Go YE therefore, and teach all nations..."

Matthew 28:19

Missions is the heartbeat of God. At Berean, strong emphasis is placed on missions and supporting missionaries across the globe. Be a part of a growing ministry that has a strong desire to propagate the Gospel to every person.



Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world, and 6th in terms of population, with over 211 million people, accounting for 1 3 of the population of Latin America which makes Portuguese the most spoken language of South American Brazil is dominated by Catholicism, as well as many other false religions, such as Spiritism and various forms of false Evangelicalism There are still so many people that have never been reached with the Gospel!

The Dominican Republic is the second largest Caribbean nation by size and third by population. It is located on the island of Hispaniola with Haiti. Despite improvements in recent years, there is still significant poverty throughout the Dominican Republic. The language of the Dominican Republic is Spanish. The main religion is Catholicism. There are so many who need to be reached with the Gospel.

Japan is the economic center for Asia.  It is a wealthy country and very technologically advanced.  Japan boasts a 99% literacy rate, but unfortunately many of these people have never even heard about Jesus Christ.  Shintoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and other religions have blinded the eyes of many.  Less than 1% of the people profess "Christianity" of any kind.  There are many cities with thousands of people that do not have a Bible preaching church.  There is such a great need for the Gospel in this country.

Peru is home to approximately 27 million souls. It is estimated that over 60% of the people of Peru live below poverty level with half of the population being under the age of eighteen. Of these, many are children who were abandoned on the streets, under bridges, or left in isolated desert mountain areas. Many have awakened from a nap to realize that their parents have left them behind on public buses. Daily, on the streets of Peru you can see many young children begging among vehicles in heavy traffic selling candies, shining shoes, searching for something to eat or someone to show compassion. These children are forced to grow up and learn the ways of
the streets with no hope of a better future. They learn a life of theft, deception, and danger, never knowing where their next meal will come from. They learn to frown in order to gain pity. They beg in order to survive. They suffer from malnutrition, a lack of love and affection, and no spiritual guidance.

The language in Puerto Rico is Spanish with many speaking English. The main religion is Catholicism. The Gospel is needed in this territory.

Many religions are in South Africa. There is a great need for the Gospel.

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